A resource of articles about the often moving world of motion graphics.

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How to use TikTok to raise awareness for your Nonprofit


Gone are the days when Twitter and Instagram called the shots. TikTok now reigns supreme. The video-sharing platform saw accelerated growth during the early months of the pandemic and is still going strong.

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8 tips to writing a successful explainer video script


What are the main ingredients of a super informative explainer video script? Here we provide 8 tips to help you get you started and ensure that all the key messages you want to say are communicated.

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What is Motion Graphics and why is it taking over?


What exactly is Motion Graphics? How is it different to animation?

And how is it making an impact on how businesses are communication their message?

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Is working from home the new normal?


Is working from home the future for office workers?

If so how will employers form a new working relationship with their workforce to keep productivity at a decent level.