8 tips to writing a successful explainer video script

You want a shiny new explainer video, but where do you start? Writing a script is difficult. What should you say and how should you say it? Here are 8 tips to writing a knockout explainer video:


1. Bullet point your main needs:


Write down 10 bullet points of the things you want to say in your explainer video. What are the main selling points of your product or service? What makes them appealing to customers?


Maybe you don't want to say ten things, but by sitting down and forcing yourself to write a list of ten items you are emptying your mind of everything associated with your product and ensuring nothing is missed. After you've done this, rank your bullet points top to bottom. You will probably find that the two or three top ones are the main points you'll want to include in your script, at least for the first video.


2. Set the scene:


Describe to the viewers of the video initially how the world is without your product/service - create a need. Get in the mind of your clients and describe the problems they could be having right now - how is a lack of your product affecting their business? How could your service improve their business - it helps if the mood is a little somber for this section, so that you can then wow them with your....


3. Product reveal:


Reveal your product/service with a flourish including a slick logo animation. This is the chance to put your brand design front and centre, cementing it in the minds of your viewers.

From this point on the video should be upbeat and engaging.



4. Tell your customers what you provide:


Leading straight on from your logo, describe what your product or service is, including its key features. This is the marketing copy used to describe a product’s value proposition to potential customers. A compelling product description provides customers with details around features, problems it solves and other benefits it can offer. Some questions you should answer - 

1. Who is this product for? 

2. How does it work?
3. What are the product’s main elements? 
4. Where would someone use it? 
5. Why is your product better than those of your competitors? 

5. How it can help them:


How exactly can this help your customers. Again, put yourselves in their shoes and inform them specifically how their lives will be made easier after they utilise your brand. Offer your service or product as a solution to a need that they have. 


6. Give some examples of the benefits they could appreciate:


Explain how your product or service works in action. If need be, use a case study of how other clients have benefited from using it. Infographics, charts and comparison tables are an ideal way to show improvements and this is where motion graphics really shines as it is the best method of representing all the necessary information. It helps if your video features animated characters that customers can relate to - show the characters using the product and gaining the benefits, looking happy and content with the results.


7. Keep it short and to the point:


Unless you are making a functionality video your explainer doesn't need to define everything about your product and nothing turns a viewer off and gives a negative impression like an overlong, stuffy video. It's important to remember that in many ways your video is a teaser, designed to put an idea into the mind of your customers. The link at the end of the video should direct to your website where your potential customer can find all the detailed information that they require.


Motion Graphics image



8. Finish with a call to action:


Your parting shot should be relevant links to your website, email address, social media platforms and perhaps a sharp call to action - a one sentence statement that defines your brand and encourages the viewer to find out more.


At Movult we can help you with your script, analysing your brand and liaising with you to find the best way to promote it. After we have the script we can of course translate into an impactful and effective video that can promote your company.


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